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In 1982 Ulf Semmelhaack founded the company "Ulf Semmelhaack Paletten". On a production area of about 400 square meters and with 4 employees, the first pallets were produced. In 1989, a rebranding to "USEPA GmbH" took place. Due to increasing demand, the warehousing for other companies also became one of our core competencies. Since then, the warehouse capacities were expanded continuously.

For a more acute handling of the logistical activities, the company "Paper Logistics" was founded in 2004. Today, "PapLog" is responsible for handling every activity concerning the general transfer and shipping of goods as well as the handling of rejected goods at the "StoraEnso" factory in Uetersen.

Frontansicht der Elmshorner Hauptniederlassung der Semmelhaack Logistik GmbH

The tremendous growth in the logistics industry and the constant increase in demand for logistics concepts led to the formation of the "Semmelhaack Logistik GmbH" in 2008.

Today the "Semmelhaack Logistik GmbH" focuses entirely on the logistics field. Many years of experience, modern computer and communication systems, know-how, and a cohesive team make us a flexible and highly qualified company in the sector of logistics services.

Our company philosophy: "There is no applause for the past. If you stop getting better, you stop being good."

We view any logistical task our customers have as a new and exciting challenge.

Our past and our references confirm that we have always solved problems to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

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